Celanese Internship

Celanese is looking for PhD candidates interested in internships for the summer of 2019. The internship involves working at Celanese's Engineered Materials Division, and experience working with polymers is required. The student would be working at Celanese's Florence, Kentucky location (close to Cincinnati).

Interested students should send a resume to Emily Blackburn, Ph.D. (emily.blackburn at

UPenn Tenure Track Professors in Materials Science and Engineering

There is a faculty search underway in the Department of Materials Science at the University of Pennsylvania ( This is part of a multi-year expansion of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. The faculty search was launched under the title of “Functional Materials” (details below) while a second separate call is targeting “Materials for Health”. The rather broad title of “Functional Materials” was chosen to ensure that a wide spectrum of talent and topics could be considered but that call may be too broad to reveal some specific synergies.

Penn’s Singh Center for Nanotechnology has been the focus of significant resource investments with new cutting-edge nanofabrication tools, advanced electron microscopy techniques (including aberration corrected and cryo-EM systems), multimode scanning probe microscopes and precision measurement lab for electronic, magnetic, optical and thermal measurement (for more information see 

For the UPenn job posting, see here:

Postdocs at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

DTRA’s nuclear technologies research program traces back to the Manhattan Project. Unique technical expertise supports the DoD mission in protecting the US against nuclear threats.

  • Nuclear Technology Detection - Technology to locate, characterize, and track nuclear materials
  • Nuclear Technology Effects - Models and planning tools to predict primary, secondary, and tertiary consequences of nuclear explosions to inform strategic deterrence operations
  • Nuclear Technology Forensics - Detect, characterize, and attribute nuclear explosions
  • Nuclear Technology Survivability - Analysis of technology and infrastructure protection to ensure mission critical systems can operate in a nuclear environment.

Information on the positions available at:

Photonics Jobs at Sandia National Labs

Sandia National Labs has postdoc and regular positions in photonics research. Please contact Rebecca Horton, Senior Manager Research Strategy and Partnerships Center at Georgia Tech or go to the Sandia-Georgia Tech Strategic Partnership site for more information.